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How to save on electric bill

I used to live with my parents and never knew how expensive bills are. When I moved out and recieved my first electric bill. I literally died that day.! Depending on where you live utilities bill can be crazy expensive! My electric bill were up in the $500s. So I did a little research on how to save electricity.

Every little things you do will count and save you tons of money at the end. Everyone knows that shutting the door and turning off the lights if you are not in the room saves electricity but there is more to that to save more money. I cant wait to tell you!

1. Socket Sealers

Electrical sockets and switch plates on exterior walls can be hidden sources of drafts that may lead to high heating and cooling costs. Add the socket sealers underneath to help prevent heat or cold air to escape. You can buy socket sealers on amazon for under $4.

2. Reverse Your Ceiling Fan

As silly as this sounds, get you a ceiling fan that can reverse. It’s a little more costly at first but it’s totally worth it! In the winter you would want your ceiling fans to run in a clockwise direction. This will pull the cold up from the floor and pushes the heat around. This way you wont have the heat running too much. In the summer reverse it to counter clockwise.

3. Wool dryer ball

I invested into wool dryer ball instead of disposable dryer sheets. Wool dryer ball can last you up to 1,000 loads or maybe more. I found some at Bells Outlet for only $7.99 for a pack of 3! No more buying sheets every month. Dryer ball will reduce drying time which will help the cost of the electricity to go down.

4. Use cold water to wash your clothes

Aet your washer to cold water. Not only your clothes will last longer you will use less electric. Just make sure you are buying the right detergent for cold water.

5. Invest in LED light bulbs

Replace all ligh bulbs with LED. To start it will cost you some money but its totally worth the investment. LED lights can last up to 18 years and save you up to $250 a year. Little things will add up!

6. Use a power strip

The electronic still consumes energy when wtill plugged in even though they are not being used. The power strip woll automatically powers off devices thwt wre not being used. This could come in handy because you can’t be able to unplug all appliances. Less work!

7. Use curtains

Let the sunlight in to brighten up the room instead of using electricity. Also, let the sun warm the house in the winter. In the summer you can close your curtains so the heat from the sun wont come in. Saves lots of energy for your AC.

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