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The good and the bad of Poshmark.

If you don’t know about Poshmark, it is an app that you can resell your old clothes for money or make money selling clothes that you can buy cheap! You can resell what you don’t like and make money instead of just leaving it around! Set your own price!


You can find lots of good deals. I have found lots of new clothes with tag on for over 65% off the original price! You can also negotiate the price with the seller! As a seller you don’t have to pay for shipping. When a buyer buys your item you can simply print out the shipping label that Poshmark provided to you. Pack and stick it on the package. Leave it near your mail box and USPS will simply pick it up. Without any hard work!


As a seller, you would have to pay the commission of 20% of sell price to the app. Which mean you have to make sure you are calculating the right price and have a “GOOD DEAL” for people to buy your item. As a buyer, there is no returns. ALL SALES FINAL! Makes it hard for you to really know what you are going to buy will fit. So… ASK ALL QUESTIONS! Sometime, it takes a long time for the seller to ship your items!

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